The community change

     I have searched on different dictionary and websites to discover what is the term “community” means. It is basically means a group of people leading a common life, and shares their common interest. However, how is the website affecting the term “community” in different ways?

     First of all, when I think of community, I am thinking school. School is a large community where everyone comes to learn new stuff. Of course, we can know lots of friends in school. Once we know them, and interact with them, they will know you better. My friends who grew up with me in junior high, they can still recognize me by telling my nickname. Back to my country, people usually don’t call their real names in junior high, only a nickname, because it is easier to remember. Even now, it has been five years since junior high. When I go back to Taiwan, I can still accidental meet my friends in basketball court. I have not met up with my junior high friends for a long time; I or she / he usually say is “How have you been?” That sounds really warm to me.

     Furthermore, the term “community” has been changed by the website in several ways. For example, facebook, when you create an account, there is a box that you have to fill out is your interest, once you filled out; people will add strangers by looking our interest. Meanwhile, there are multiple communities online where you can interact with people through internet rather than socialize with people outside the place.

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