Are you stealing their content? On May 1st 2013, we were doing our Web 1, and looking for some great pictures. Susan said, when you are looking for pictures, don’t use Google to search pictures, otherwise, we might get fund for doing that.

            In this blog, Corey Eridon stated some tips of how not to steal people’s content and how should we be aware of. Also, if we are stealing their content, that’s call copyright. They have their patent, and we can’t steal it.

            Besides, social networkings have these problems too. Facebook and Twitter, however, these are social networking, people are stealing other’s stuff, and their images. How’s that fair to everyone?

           From this article, we are confusing whether people are spreading the content or stealing? Once people share it, everyone knows immediately. For example, recent days ago, Boston marathon, I didn’t notice it until my friend shared it. If we are using other’s blog or website content, make sure we cite their source. Otherwise, we will get into troubles.

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if it isn’t on the Web, It doesn’t exist

A racist is a good example on this topic. I bet several international students have been discriminated by several different country people. It still happens now. Especially, teenagers who like to make fun to other people who come from different country. I am not saying all teenagers, just few of them I think.

I had a real story happened when I first time came to the State, people used different perspectives to look at me. This made me so uncomfortable when I first time came to the States.  But after few months, I figured it out. They just wondered how other cultures look like.

Take a quote from Tim Berners Lee, “If it isn’t on the Web, it doesn’t exist”. It’s good to share on the Web, but is it helpful to us?

Facebook has become the largest social networking site and people are creating a club to discuss other cultures stuff. Meanwhile, I found one club which is saying that people are being racist to people who have a terrible accent. I had this issues every times. It ignores me!
            Even though, we exist on the Web, people still use different perspectives to perceive different country’s citizens, such as their facial and skin color. So is it good to stay on the Web, being discriminated by few people or shut down all the connection?

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Reading terrify me

Do people really read blog? The answer is for most people are yes. Why would people read their blogs? They can get some ideas from them, in other words, framing. Most people read the blogs, because they can track what happened to the world or economy. For example, Facebook, it happened yesterday after an explosion in Boston recent days ago. There is a bombs happened in Texas due to the fertilizer company. I heard this news from Facebook. People are sharing this news all over the world. In fact, I hate reading a lot, but I really like to read blogs from Facebook. It attracts me to follow it.

On the other hand, I don’t like to read the books, it puts me to sleep. Although, there are lots of reading from various books and novels back in high school, I still have to read it. Even though, it puts me to sleep immediately. The basic skill on reading is speed reading, just scan through the books and find some key words.

Why do people don’t read? For me, it is like the same as people who don’t do exercise?  Since the technology has become so convenient, everyone is using the web to search their needs and concern. In this article, Esther claimed that why people don’t read?  In my opinion, I really hate literature. The biggest issue is vocabulary. There are several vocabularies I don’t understand in literature books. That’s the hardest part when I am doing a reading.

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Present Dynamic

The things I remember most about my childhood is playing, nothing about reading. I don’t really like to read. I like to read comics, because they have pictures on every page. Not like novels, in which the words are really tiny and make me dizzy and sleepy while I am reading.

Today, remarkable advances have been made in technologies. Kids in this generation should be grateful compared to the past. Kids can read online rather than read a novel or a book. On many websites, you can even download the reading to mp3 and listen to it whenever you want. 

Young people doing their reading online may have difficulty focusing on
reading. This is because they end up surfing other stuff, like Facebook.

According to an article from New York Times,this has makes some people’s life really struggle by reading a book rather than online. Websites have become convenient to people who don’t like to read a printed book. Meanwhile, when we are reading on the websites, there are graphics will next to the words or attach on a word. It makes people to get addicted to read on the websites.

 Another source had shows the percentage of people in the US who don’t read books. One incredible thing in this statistic is that “70 percent of the books published do not make a profit.”  In other words, only few people in the US bought publishers books. In my opinion, they don’t want to spend their money on a print book that will be thrown away in the future and you can search their books online, some websites provide free access to publishers’ books.

In conclusion, it would be amazing that if one day I am interesting in reading a book rather play at wrec. Because I heard from my friends said, if you are really focusing on reading, you are stepping into a real nature while reading a book. You can feel what the author’s saying and create a own imagination.

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     The history record was used to be on a book or paper. As the times flied, people would easily found the history record from thousands decades in the past on the website, such as google and facebook. Nowadays, most people record their history through facebook or twitter. In other words, they are recording their history through social media.


     According to this article, Mathew Ingram stated the issues of disappear the content on the internet. In other words, people use social media very often, such as facebook. People can easily create the event through facebook, and then people who create the event could easily invite people they don’t know through social media. Then, this has brought out the issues. Social media has changed the way that technology used to have on the web. People could easily find the event through social media rather than finding on internet.

     Moreover, for the employees, they should be cautious and careful about what they post on social media. Some boss will create a facebook or twitter, and add you as their friends, and he/ she won’t let you realize who they are and watch your post on your social media. Then, if employees said something bad to their boss, he/ she might get fired. This has happened a lot back to my country, including our high school teacher. If one of students said something bad to him, we don’t get any punishment, but we get a warning, which means if we said something that is really impolite again, we get detention!

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Treating Childrens

     Should the parents treat their children like in the past? Back to the past, children had nothing about internet, computer and television. They did not realize what these technologies are. Until mid 1980s, internet exists, so as television, cable and radio. I could remember when I was a kid; my parents used to tell me satisfy what you had right now, because back to my parent’s century, they didn’t have any technology. Until now, I understood.

     Most of the parents have pamper a child to over, when children argues to their parents I want this Ps 3 or computer games, if you don’t buy it, I will ignore you. This has happened a lot in our country, but I don’t know this in United States. Moreover, because of this factors, it had caused children are addicted to games and computers. Then, they avoided studying. According to this article, this teaches us how to avoid distractions while you are studying. This would be really helpful to everyone, including me. Sometimes, I get distractions from my computer while I am studying. This ignores me a lot.

     Therefore, in order to give children a better future, they should limit
their game times and use their free times wisely on their studying. Otherwise, they
will regret what they did in the past.  

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The community change

     I have searched on different dictionary and websites to discover what is the term “community” means. It is basically means a group of people leading a common life, and shares their common interest. However, how is the website affecting the term “community” in different ways?

     First of all, when I think of community, I am thinking school. School is a large community where everyone comes to learn new stuff. Of course, we can know lots of friends in school. Once we know them, and interact with them, they will know you better. My friends who grew up with me in junior high, they can still recognize me by telling my nickname. Back to my country, people usually don’t call their real names in junior high, only a nickname, because it is easier to remember. Even now, it has been five years since junior high. When I go back to Taiwan, I can still accidental meet my friends in basketball court. I have not met up with my junior high friends for a long time; I or she / he usually say is “How have you been?” That sounds really warm to me.

     Furthermore, the term “community” has been changed by the website in several ways. For example, facebook, when you create an account, there is a box that you have to fill out is your interest, once you filled out; people will add strangers by looking our interest. Meanwhile, there are multiple communities online where you can interact with people through internet rather than socialize with people outside the place.

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